5 Thanksgiving Dishes That Aren’t the Best for Your Smile

Cranberry sauce

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner? It’s just around the corner, and everyone is anticipating all of the delicious dishes that they will be enjoying over the long weekend. However, not all Thanksgiving foods are great options when it comes to maintaining excellent oral health. Read on to learn which foods and beverages you should be wary of this Thanksgiving if you want to keep your teeth in good condition.

Cranberry Sauce

This is a signature side for almost all Thanksgiving meals. However, it is a dark red color which isn’t repelled very well from the white enamel of your teeth. The fruit is also acidic which can cause you to experience enamel erosion. If you can’t go through this holiday without having your side of cranberry sauce, be sure that you are rinsing your mouth with water afterward to help wash away the dark pigments and acid.


You know that red wine is known for staining teeth and everything else it comes into contact with. However, white wine can also stain your teeth, as it is acidic, therefore weakening the enamel of your teeth. After you finish your glass of wine with dinner, take some time to rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth after a half hour.


Stuffing is another Thanksgiving classic that can be harmful to your smile. This is because stuffing uses a lot of bread. Starchy foods, like bread, sick to the teeth, providing cavity-causing bacteria the energy that they need to eat away at tooth enamel. This is definitely a food that you should keep to a minimum with your meal.

Balsamic Vinegar

Is your family starting the meal with some fresh salads? Balsamic vinegar is a popular dressing choice, but it isn’t great if you want to keep your teeth in good health and appearance. This is because it is acidic and dark in color. Go easy on the dressing and remember to wash it down with a glass of water after you finish.


Pumpkin pie isn’t so bad for your teeth, but if your family is serving berry pies, your enamel could be at risk for staining. If you are going to have a slice of berry pie, remember to rinse your mouth by drinking a glass of water. This helps to wash away the acid and sugar in the dessert. After about thirty minutes, brush your teeth.

To keep your smile healthy this Thanksgiving, be careful when it comes to these foods. By taking all the right steps, your smile will thank you!

About the Author

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