Metal Free Restorations


Beautifully Restoring Your Smile Without Metal

Nothing is a dead giveaway that you’ve had dental work like metal that shows when you smile or laugh. But when you’ve had dental work at Shwarts Family Dentistry, you won’t have to worry about that! Whether you need to have a small cavity repaired or you’re in need of a new dental bridge, we offer a variety of metal-free restorations in Dallas that will give you a healthy, beautiful smile. If you need to restore a tooth that’s been damaged but don’t want metal to be used, give us a call anytime to schedule a visit.

Why Choose Shwarts Family Dentistry in Dallas For Metal-Free Restorations?


Personalized Treatment Plans That Fit Your Needs Perfectly


We Only Use Strong, Durable Materials That Also Look Great


Friendly, Experienced Dentist With An Eye For Aesthetics


For many years, the primary material dentists used to repair teeth was a mixture of metals called amalgam. Now, we can make any type of dental restoration with metal-free materials such as composite resin, ceramic, and porcelain. These materials are strong and long-lasting and can be used for dental crowns, fillings, bridges, inlays and onlays. With one of these restorations, your results will look so natural that only you and our team will know that you’ve had dental work.


On top of being virtually impossible for other people to see, metal-free restorations offer the following benefits:


  • Metal-free fillings conserve more of your existing tooth structure, helping it stay healthier over the long-term.
  • These materials have been shown to be safe for both your oral and overall health.
  • Over time, metal fillings can lead to cracks and fractures in your teeth. Metal-free materials maintain the integrity of the surrounding tooth structure.


There are many types of metal-free restorations designed for different needs. During an exams, Dr. Shwarts will always recommend the most conservative restoration to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible.


  • Metal-Free Fillings – A metal-free filling, commonly made from composite resin and silica, is perfect for smaller cavities or cosmetic flaws.
  • Metal-Free Crowns – If you have a broken tooth in Dallas, a dental crown will restore its strength, function, and appearance. Your crown can be custom-made with ceramic and other metal-free components to create a strong, beautiful restoration that looks very natural.
  • Dental Bridges – If you’re missing a tooth, Dr. Shwarts may recommend a fixed dental bridge. This restoration combines several crowns in a row to “bridge” the gap created by a missing tooth.
  • Inlays and Onlays – To repair larger cavities, a special type of filling called an inlay or onlay is often a good choice. Made from ceramic, an inlay is just like a normal dental filling but is larger in size. An onlay is a lot like a dental crown but only covers the cusps of a back tooth, without reaching the gumline.