About Us

Feel at home and love your smile!

Dr. Ellis Shwarts believes that exceptional dental care goes hand in hand with creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for his patients. At Shwarts Family Dentistry in Dallas, you’ll always be greeted with a friendly smile, and our dedicated team will make you feel valued from your very first visit.

Our practice offers comprehensive services to keep your family’s smiles healthy and bright, including routine checkups and cleanings, personalized smile repairs, cosmetic enhancements, and emergency dentistry for those unexpected issues. Dr. Shwarts uses the latest techniques and technology to ensure your treatments are both comfortable and effective.

Serving local families in Dallas is Dr. Shwarts’ passion, and he cherishes the long-lasting, trusting relationships he builds with each patient. To learn more about what makes Shwarts Family Dentistry a beloved part of the community, keep reading!

Dr. Ellis Shwarts communicating dental procedures with patient- Shwarts Family Dentistry
Dr. Ellis Shwarts communicating dental procedures with patient- Shwarts Family Dentistry


In addition to our friendly atmosphere, we also have another tool to help our more nervous patients relax— sedation dentistry. With it, we can make anxiety disappear as well as protect a patient from feeling any physical discomfort while in the chair no matter the procedure. Our sedation options are safe for patients of all ages, so whether it’s you or your child who isn’t exactly a fan of the dentist, we can guarantee a stress-free appointment every time.


Most corporate dental offices are more concerned about their bottom line than their patients, leading them to pressure people to get more and more expensive services, even if they aren’t the ideal solution to a problem. At Shwarts Family Dentistry in Dallas, your needs and goals always come first, so you’ll never get an uncomfortable sales pitch from our team. If we find an issue, we’ll simply go over your treatment options and give you all the information you need to make a confident decision. We want you to have peace of mind whenever you walk out of our dental office!

Dr. Ellis Shwarts communicating dental procedures with patient- Shwarts Family Dentistry
Shwarts Family Dentistry team member


Don’t be surprised if our team greets you by name even if it is your first visit! Our staff just loves getting to know new patients as well as catching up with recurring ones. Instead of visiting a stuffy dental office, it will feel like you’re meeting up with old friends whenever you come to see us. Our personal touch and individualized attention are what make us different from all the cookie-cutter dental offices out there, and we know you’ll appreciate it right from the beginning of your relationship with us.