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3 Safety Tips for Back to School from Your Emergency Dentist

girl ready to go back to school who needs an emergency dentist

You’ve purchased all the necessary notebooks, pencils, and other school supplies. You also actually found clothes they like and that make them feel confident. Your child is equipped to face any challenge this school year. Well, almost any challenge. The last thing you and they need to deal with during the school year is a dental emergency that could distract them from their studies and activities.

Not only can a dental emergency lead to missing valuable class time, but it can also interfere with their ability to learn. Although some visits to an emergency dentist are unavoidable, most can be prevented from happening in the first place. Here are some basic smile-safety tips that can get your child ready to go back to school!

Brush and Floss Daily

If your child has not yet developed the habit of brushing and flossing their teeth every day, they need to start now! Most toothaches stem from decay that could have been prevented with better oral hygiene. These two simple, yet crucial, tasks keep plaque from building up, which protects tooth enamel from cavity-causing bacteria.

Whether your child is too young to do it themselves or too old for your help, you can at least make sure brushing and flossing happens every day so that they can avoid painful toothaches!

Wear a Mouthguard

Does your child play a contact sport? Could they get hit in the face, either with a ball or an elbow and get hurt? Although there are many, many situations in which your child could become injured, wearing a mouthguard could mean the difference between a knocked-out tooth and a healthy one.

To make the oral appliance more comfortable (which increases the chances of them actually wearing it), you can order a custom mouthguard specifically for your child with your dentist for a more perfect fit.

Come to Regular Dental Checkups and Cleanings

Although having a dental appointment every six months can seem silly if nothing seems to be bothering your child, this visit is essential for avoiding dental emergencies. Your family dentist can identify tooth decay as early as possible and take care of the problem before it advances into a painful cavity later on. On top of that, they can also teach your child proper techniques to use for cleaning and maintaining their smile.

In the end, you may still encounter a dental emergency this school year, but by following these tips, you give your child the best odds of staying in the classroom where they belong, rather than in the dentist’s office. Start this new school year off right by implementing these safety tips!

About the Author

After completing his dental degree at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Dr. Ellis Shwarts returned to the DFW area to settle down and purchased his own practice. With a focus on helping patients achieve better oral health, he promotes prevention and early detection while also treating dental emergencies. Whether you need to book an appointment urgently or for a routine checkup, you can contact Shwarts Family Dentistry by calling 972-525-9283 or visiting our Contact Us page here.