Why You Should Get Dental Implants This Summer

If you have lost one or more teeth, you’re not alone! Millions of Americans are missing at least one tooth, and many have turned to dentures to replace them. If you are considering dental implants as a solution, now is the perfect time to begin your journey towards a full smile! Read on to learn about why summer is the perfect time to get started!

Flexible Summer Schedule

It’s common to take a vacation this time of year, making it the ideal season to book your implant consultation and follow up appointments. You’re more able to schedule your visits at times that work best for you without worrying about missing school or work. Not only that, but you’ll also have ample time for the healing and recovery that are necessary for a few days after your procedure.

Look and Feel Natural

One of the most obvious reasons to consider implants is that they mimic the look and feel of your natural enamel, so that you can participate in your usual activities without drawing unfavorable attention to your pearly whites, or lack thereof. They are made from durable porcelain to match your teeth so there’s no visible difference. Furthermore, unlike traditional dentures, these replacements adhere to your jawbone rather than rely on suction or adhesive to keep them positioned correctly. You’ll have no reason to worry about the possibility of anything sliding out of place during your next family dinner!

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

Unlike the more traditional solution of dentures or dental bridges, you’ll have very few diet restrictions to contend with thanks to dental implants. Even if you’re still recuperating during the summer months, you’ll be able to enjoy the many cold favorites like ice cream, cold soups, and smoothies. Then you can look forward to being fully healed by autumn so that you can indulge in your most beloved treats this fall!

Look Younger

You want to look your very best for all those photos of your adventures this season! Tooth loss can exacerbate the look of sagging cheeks because the spaces left behind cause the surrounding bone mass to be reabsorbed by the body. This alters the structure of your face and contributes to a more aged appearance that can leave you feeling self-conscious. Implants give your jaw the stimulation it needs to keep your bones healthy and engaged, which helps retain a more youthful visage. You’ll be ready to pose confidently for the camera at any given moment!

If you have gaps in your grin and are considering implants, there’s no better time to get started. You’ll be showing off your perfected smile in no time!

About the Author

Dr. Ellis Shwarts provides top-quality care while putting his patients at ease about their dental health needs.  He is proud to offer dental implants for patients dealing with tooth loss, and partners with local specialists to ensure the best results. If you are considering implants, you are welcome to contact the office on the website, or by calling (972) 525-9283.