What’s in a Smile?

photographer in studio capturing smiling subject

By, Misty Hoyt, Owner of Photography by Misty

Not eagerly smiling for the camera may be due to the nervousness of a big scary lens and a stranger, or it could be that the person grew up in a place and culture in which smiling for the sake of it seems suspicious or weird. Most of the time, however, people who have a hard time sharing a smile just don’t like what they have to offer. All hope is not lost, though! The amazing smile-enhancing capabilities that your Richardson cosmetic dentist has to offer are a total game-changer. Keep reading to learn more.

Reasons Why People May Feel Their Smiles Are Inferior

While a smile is some people’s go-to expression, others may show those pearly whites only when genuinely entertained. Still, others nearly never smile. As a photographer, I have smile discussions on a daily basis. My work starts with getting to know my subjects. Whether I am given hours or mere minutes to create genuine photography, it is the best part of my work. Before I even touch my camera, my clients and I spend time chatting, and here are some common reasons I’ve learned over time that prevent many people from smiling genuinely for the camera.

  • Overlapping or misaligned teeth
  • Stains
  • Tooth loss
  • Being scarred from childhood bullies
  • A slightly chipped a tooth
  • Damage caused by an accident that brings back negative memories

Regardless of how minimal a flaw may be to others, it usually seems to be much larger of an issue on a personal level and will inevitably affect confidence levels. Regardless of whether others will notice or not, you can never argue a person’s feelings. Most people are comforted by the fact I give everyone a little “PhoTox” love. More commonly known as Adobe’s Photoshop, the term was coined by one of my clients, and although it can fix just about any flaw, self-confidence is something that comes from an enhanced smile.

How to Get Your Confidence Back with a Transformed Smile

The good news is, flaws in a smile are completely fixable! Whether you’re in need of whitening, straighter teeth, or tooth replacement, the myriad of options that the world of cosmetic dentistry has to offer are at your fingertips. These benefits can work miracles and give you the Hollywood smile and confidence you’ve always wanted.

Few things mean as much as an authentic smile, and you owe it to yourself and others to flash those money makers with confidence as often as possible!

About the Author

Misty Hoyt is the proud founder and OEO (Only Executive Officer) of Photography by Misty. She leads a rock star team of professional photographers, artists, and assistants, all committed to providing you with the highest quality of images. Ranging from professional headshots, events, branding, family shoots, and more…her team does it all! Misty does more than capture special moments for her clients. It is also a priority for her to build long-lasting relationships and get to know each of them on a personal level. If you’re looking for your next event, family, or corporate photographer, look no further than Photography by Misty.