Your Smile Doesn’t Have to Be Scary This Halloween

group of children in costumes on Halloween

Halloween is one of the scariest and most candy-filled holidays of the year. Although it’s certainly fun to dress up in a frightening costume, you wouldn’t want your smile to be scary as well. Unfortunately, the age-old tradition of indulging in all the treats your heart desires can leave a lasting mark on your dental health. Read along as your cosmetic dentist in Richardson shares a few ways you can keep your and your family’s smile healthy this season.

Eat Candy With or After a Meal

Did you know that saliva production increases during mealtime? Not only does it help wash away food particles and sugar, but it also neutralizes the harmful acids in your mouth produced by cavity-causing bacteria. Eating candy during or shortly after a meal can lower the chances of sugar clinging to your teeth and eroding enamel. You should also avoid snacking throughout the day – aside from how often you do it, the length of time sugary food has in your mouth plays a role in tooth decay.

Choose Your Treats Carefully

Some candies are more harmful than others. After trick-or-treating, you and your family should sort through your collection and get rid of hard, sticky, and chewy candies. They’re some of the worst treats for your smile because they stay in your mouth for a long time, increasing your risk of tooth decay and cavities. Plus, biting into hard candies can break or crack a tooth if you’re not careful. Instead, snack on chocolate and sugarless gum – they’re some of the best candy options for your teeth!

Keep Eating Healthy Foods

To avoid overindulging and bingeing on candy, make sure you drink plenty of water and eat a well-balanced diet. Doing so can have positive effects on your oral and overall health! For instance, water washes away the sugar clinging to your teeth, helping prevent cavities. Eating healthy foods can help you “fill up” and feel less tempted to snack on your Halloween treats.

Set a Limit and Sell the Rest

Before your family goes trick-or-treating, set a limit on the amount of candy everyone can keep. Remind them of that number while they sort through their treats at the end of the night. This way, they won’t get into the habit of eating their treats every day and exposing their teeth continuously to sugar.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

The last thing your family will want to do on Halloween night is brush and floss their teeth. However, those practices are crucial to maintaining a strong and healthy smile! So, before anyone goes to bed, make sure they follow their usual oral hygiene routine. Keeping your mouth clean is important year-round!

Is your family ready for Halloween? By following the tips outlined above, you can ensure your family has a fun and safe holiday!

About the Author

Dr. Ellis Shwarts earned his doctorate at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. He is passionate about helping his patients achieve and maintain their absolute best smiles. Dr. Shwarts and his team will do anything possible to give you a grin you can confidently show off. For more ways to keep your smile safe this Halloween, visit our website or call (972) 437-6035.