What Foods Can Potentially Chip Your Teeth?

popcorn and kernels

Would you like to try some of those pickled pig’s feet from the convenience store? They are probably okay to eat, but of course, there’s some risk involved. It’s also a gamble when you are eating hard foods that can chip teeth. You’ll most likely be fine but being cautious can protect you from a big mistake that can hurt your mouth and your wallet. Before you end up requiring the services of an emergency dentist in Richardson, keep reading to learn about some foods with the potential to harm your smile.


Chewing ice cubes can cause microscopic, hairline fractures in your teeth. Over time, the cracks can increase in size and cause your teeth to become more sensitive to temperature.

Hard Candy

Chewing hard candy instead of letting it dissolve in your mouth is asking for trouble. Don’t let a jawbreaker live up to its name.


Ribs and chicken wings can be delicious but be careful with your bites when it comes to bone-in meats. Or if you use soup bones to add flavor, be sure to remove them before serving your dish.


The main takeaway is to avoid cracking open nutshells with your teeth. Also, if you are eating something that includes shelled nuts, watch out for potential fragments in the package.


The worry with popcorn is biting into an unpopped kernel. All it takes is one for your tooth to fracture or your filling to break. So, exercise caution and don’t grab too big of a handful. 

Corn on the Cob

The shape of your front teeth is not designed for biting and grinding into corn cobs. Those are your thinner teeth with less enamel, so they are at higher risk of a chip or fracture. It’s wise to avoid corn on the cob altogether if you have fillings, veneers, or crowns. Simply remove the kernels before eating.

Hard Bread

Breakfast items like bagels and snacks like pretzels fall into this category. When eating hard bread, they are safer for your teeth if dipped into olive oil or butter.

Nutrition Bars

On the surface, a nutrition bar seems fine for teeth. However, it’s the hidden threat of a piece of nutshell or an ultra-hard chunk of dried fruit that is the issue.


Cherries, olives, and peaches are some potential sources of pit problems. Don’t trust labels that say, “pits removed,” since it’s very possible a few may have been missed. 

You don’t have to give up all of the tasty, hard foods that can chip teeth, but knowing how important it is to bite them carefully can make all the difference for the future of your oral health. Nobody wants to have to make that frantic call to an emergency dentist, after all.

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