Dental Technology

Advanced Dental Care in North Dallas

We have invested the resources, training, and time needed to offer some of the best dental technology available to you, our wonderful patients. You can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best in dental technology by a capable, trained staff. Below are just a few examples of what we have implemented in our North Dallas dentist office:

INTRAORAL IMAGING | Intraoral cameras are a fantastic way for Dr. Kessner, DMD, to get the best look possible at what’s really going on in your mouth. You’ll also love getting to see exactly what the doctor sees and get visual confirmation of what’s going well and what needs to be done. Intraoral cameras are an excellent tool which allows us to offer you some of the highest quality dental care.

TELESCOPIC LOUPES | Similar to the benefits of intraoral cameras listed above, telescopic lenses enable Dr. Kessner to see details in your teeth and gums that he wouldn’t be able to otherwise. This improves precision, helps us clearly identify issues, and is a general help in almost any dental procedure.

DIGITAL X-RAYS | Traditional x-rays have been used for decades, but the radiation involved has been of some concern throughout its use. Digital X-rays use less radiation and generate images which are more versatile. We can show you right on the screen what the doctor is seeing in the x-ray, and help you make informed decisions about your oral health.

ELECTRONIC CLAIM PROCESSING | Electronic processing enables two huge benefits: speed and efficiency. By utilizing electronic claims we substantially reduce the turnaround time as well as decrease the chance of errors in claims. We want the whole dental process to be as painless as possible for you, even down to the paperwork or digital work.

COMPUTERIZED OPERATORIES | Imagine the margin of error when using the old system of paperwork: multiple copies of records floating around, papers falling behind desks, hard to read handwriting, etc. By implementing a computerized system, we not only improve the quality of our dentistry but the administrative support work behind it.

LASER DENTISTRY | Laser dentistry has a variety of applications, from removing tooth decay to reshaping gum tissue. Depending on a patient’s situation, different types of dental lasers can be used. Dental lasers are a great alternative to traditional drilling and other tools. The precision that dental lasers provide helps treat problem areas with no need for anesthetic.

Learn More About Our Dental Technologies

We look forward to sharing some of our latest dental technological advances with you. Call today to schedule a visit with us or just stop in to check out our dental technology for yourself!