Why Dental Implants Are The Premier Tooth Replacement Option

3D render of a dental implant

While losing a tooth is never necessarily a good thing, today is the greatest time in history to have that happen. Modern tooth replacement is remarkably sophisticated, and there’s no shortage of options available to you to complete your smile.

Among them, dental implants are arguably the most powerful method of tooth replacement. If you want to know more about what sets them apart, here are some examples of why that’s the case.

Dental Implants’ Durability

Given the advanced materials that are used in modern restorative medicine, it’s typical for any method of tooth replacement to last for several years without needing to be replaced. While that is certainly incredible, dental implants put that to shame—it’s been found that around 95% of dental implants last for over 20 years, and many even last a lifetime if taken care of well.

So long as your dental implant is placed by a professional and you maintain it daily, you can expect them to outperform other methods of tooth replacement by a pretty wide margin.

The Realism Afforded By Dental Implants

Dentures and dental bridges are both often meticulously designed to fit your smile, meaning that they look and feel pretty realistic. However, once again, dental implants blow them out of the water.

They’re made of sophisticated porcelain and attached directly to the jaw, which provides them a level of realism and bite strength that other tooth replacement options can’t match. It’s extremely unlikely that anyone would be able to tell that your teeth aren’t real, and most of the time, you’re likely to forget that they’re even there.

Dental Implants and Bite Force

Dentures work by attaching to the gums directly via suction. Dental bridges are adhered to the surrounding teeth, which is where they get their support. While both of these methods work well, neither of them afford you the stability associated with dental implants.

When inserted directly into the jaw, you’ll be able to enjoy enough stability to eat just about anything that you can with your natural teeth, which may not be possible with other tooth replacement options.

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