Valentine’s Day Gifts that your Dentist Would Approve Of

Picture of a red valentine’s day heart

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about a gift for your partner that shows you really care. In that case, you shouldn’t give them something that will harm their oral health.

If you default to giving your loved one a box of candy on Valentine’s Day, it might be a good idea to spice it up a little bit. Here are some tooth-healthy Valentine’s Day gifts that your partner is sure to love.

A Trip to the Spa

Life is stressful for you and your partner, so there’s no better gift than relaxation. A nice spa day is a thoughtful, romantic gift that has the nice side effect of also being great for your health. Many spas also offer Valentine’s Day specials, which means you might get something more than you would otherwise. Plus, if you make it a spa trip for two, you can give yourself a gift as well!

Dark Chocolate

You might not want to default to a heart-shaped box of candy, but some people look forward to getting chocolate. If your partner is one of those people, you might give them dark chocolate instead.

Unlike sticky or gummy candies, chocolate can be washed away fairly easily after eating it, meaning that it won’t spend as much time feeding the bacteria in the mouth. Dark chocolate in particular tends to have fairly low sugar content, so it’s also not as bad for oral health. So long as they aren’t filled with caramel, a box of dark chocolates isn’t the worst thing for your partner’s oral health.


Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with a classic. If your partner is a fan of flowers, pick out a bouquet with some of their favorites, or get a set of elegant roses. There are even services that can have flowers delivered to your door, or to your partner’s place of work.

So long as you put a little bit of thought into it, you should be able to get your partner a nice gift that won’t hurt their teeth. And the originality will make this Valentine’s day even more special.

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