A Noteworthy Dental Experience

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When Doctor Ellis Shwarts walks into the room, you often feel the atmosphere kick up a notch.

Here at Shwarts Family Dentistry in Richardson we see patients for anything from fillings to none to cleaning requests. Having your teeth cleaned can be just as important as addressing cavities and taking care of none needs. Doctor Shwarts treats every patient like a celebrity to be prized for just being themselves and doing their best with oral hygiene.

Well-versed in general dentistry, sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, second opinions, dental implants, and all things dental we’ll answer your questions about veneers, bridges, crowns, braces, and anything else you want to throw at us. Please visit our website to learn more.

Our dental practice address is 7522 Campbell Rd #120, Dallas, Texas 75248. Our outstanding staff works very hard to maintain our reputation as world-class, clean and friendly, untarnished and singular. We don’t just walk away after our procedure is performed. We follow through with special instructions, follow-up appointments, and careful monitoring. Preventing complications is a top priority.

About the Practice

Dr. Ellis Shwarts and his skilled team have proudly served the dental needs of patients and families in the Richardson, TX community for several years! A Dallas native, Dr. Shwarts received his dental degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio and has spent countless hours educating himself and honing his skills so that he can provide a truly unmatched level of care. The practice offers a comprehensive range of preventive, cosmetic, and restorative treatment options. If you have any questions about the article or would like to schedule your next visit, feel free to contact the practice online or over the phone for further assistance: (972) 525-9283.

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