General Dentistry

General Dentistry in Richardson, TX

General dentistry is the term used to encompass all routine dental services needed to maintain optimal oral health. We are thrilled to provide general dentistry in Richardson, TX. Our dentist in North Dallas provides quality services to you and yours in our one convenient office.

ORAL HYGIENE CARE | Your dental hygiene visits are the six month checkup visits. You’ve heard it your whole life… but these six-month visits really are necessary to keep your smile as healthy and attractive as possible.

TEETH CLEANINGS | Flossing and brushing is essential in your personal oral hygiene, but professional teeth cleanings are still needed to remove buildup which brushing and flossing just can’t do. Teeth cleanings are normally done on your routine six-month visits.

DENTAL SEALANTS | Addressing and fixing cavities is great. Preventing cavities with top-quality tooth sealants is even better. The latest in dental technology offers durable and invisible sealants which help “seal” your teeth to prevent decay and cavities from taking hold. This does NOT mean you don’t need normal teeth cleanings and dental hygiene anymore. It’s just an extra layer of protection to keep you happy and healthy.

tooth extractions in Richardson teeth cleaning North DallasDENTAL BONDING | Tooth bonding is a fantastic option to fill in cracks, chips or shape teeth. Dental bonding is a putty type resin which is applied to the appropriate area, shaped and then cured to create a durable aesthetic and functional tooth-like structure.

DENTAL FILLINGS | We offer top-quality tooth-colored fillings to fill any holes caused by cavities or other damage. Research over the years has pointed to potential health issues with metal amalgam fillings and has led to the development of hard resins which can be colored to match your natural tooth/teeth. Essentially this tooth-colored resin is invisible to others and potentially more healthy.

TOOTH EXTRACTIONS | For one reason or another, you may need a tooth extracted. No need to worry, though. If this is the case, we can make it as comfortable as possible for you. Though preserving a natural tooth is usually ideal, we offer some great options to replace an extracted tooth.

NIGHTGUARDS AND MOUTHGUARDS | We make top-quality nightguards and mouthguards to protect your mouth while you sleep and when you’re laying it on the line on the field or court.

ORAL CANCER SCREENING | We perform routine oral cancer screening checks at our practice near Richardson, TX. To do this we clinically examine the tissues in your mouth to look for anything strange. If we do detect a problem, we will do a biopsy to look for more signs of oral cancer. Dr. Kessner, DMD, will then discuss with you your options for oral cancer treatment at our North Dallas dental practice.

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