Permanent Dentures Near Richardson, TX

permanent dentures in Richardson TX denture implants

You may think you know the answer already, but the dentures of today are not what they used to be. Richardson dentist, Dr. Kessner, DMD, utilizes the latest developments in denture materials to create tooth replacements that look and function like natural teeth. Our dentures are built to last and help our patients look and feel great.

The North Dallas Dentures Procedure

  • You will visit with Dr. Kessner, DMD, for a consultation to decide if dentures are right for you. Dr. Kessner, DMD, will listen to you to gain a complete understanding of your specific situation. Once the initial assessment is done, you and Dr. Kessner, DMD, will determine if dentures are the best route for you to take.
  • If any teeth need to be removed in order to accommodate your dentures, you can schedule an appointment to have this done comfortably.
  • Dr. Kessner, DMD, will then prepare you for your dentures by taking precise measurements. Your dentures will be expertly crafted to not only look great but fit your mouth and bite perfectly.
  • After 3-6 weeks, your new, custom-crafted dentures will be ready, and you can share your beautiful smile for years to come.

Types of Dentures near Richardson, TX

All On 4 Dental Implants vs. Removable Implant Dentures

All on 4 denture implants offered by Richardson dentist Dr. Howard Kessner.If you’re looking for an option besides traditional dentures, Dr. Kessner, DMD, offers denture implants. There are two types Dr. Kessner, DMD, offers:

  1. All On 4 dental implants
  2. Removable implant-supported dentures

All On 4 dental implants are permanent dentures placed in your jaw by attaching to four dental implants. Because these dentures are permanently affixed to your jaw, you can eat, speak, and otherwise use your teeth as you normally would. Maintenance of these permanent dentures is the same as any normal teeth, too. Just brush and floss every day!

Removable implant dentures are also available in our office. Rather than permanently fixing your dentures in your jaw, dentures can be fitted to implants and removed just like traditional dentures. With these, you get a tighter, more natural fit to your dentures, and can clean them like traditional dentures.

Denture Repair in North Dallas, TX

denture repair in North Dallas, TXIt is not uncommon for dentures to break, crack, or chip over time. Improper fitting, dropping or biting them too hard, or simply being worn out are all factors that could lead to damaged dentures. Broken dentures can make eating and speaking uncomfortable. Fortunately, broken dentures can often be repaired. Properly repairing dentures requires specialized work from a professional, and attempting to fix them otherwise can damage them beyond repair and end up costing thousands. Dr. Kessner can quickly and efficiently repair most broken or damaged dentures, restoring your quality of life and save you from buying new dentures.

Benefit of Dentures in North Dallas, TX

Aesthetics | The materials used to create dentures are developed to replicate the color and semi-translucency of natural teeth. Essentially, you can trade-in your old teeth for a perfect, ideal smile.
Functionality | Many have concerns about being able to live a normal life wearing dentures. Adhesives and denture materials have made it possible to enjoy almost all activities you would wish to do. Whether it’s eating, laughing, or smiling, our dentures are designed to do what your teeth were made to do.
Durability | In the battle against time and decay our dentures aren’t lightweights. They can handle years of wear and tear and keep going strong. Well-made and properly cared-for dentures are made to last a lifetime.

Damaged or Missing Teeth? Schedule a Denture Consultation in North Dallas!

Call today to schedule a denture consultation and see which denture options are best for you!

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